Thursday, July 30, 2009

We could be heroes...just for one night...

Let it be known that Griffin Mornington is the greatest thing ever.
He is my bestfriend...
Whether he knows it or not...

[0:12] Skelly Viper: O////////O I'm sorrry...I'm much too open and emotional. >.<;
[0:13] Griffin Mornington: Skullly shut up, no way should you apolitgize for what yea just done
[0:13] Skelly Viper tilts her head to the side, eyes wide.
[0:14] Griffin Mornington: Gesh the idots are the ones that bottle things up but are hurting inside

[0:31] Skelly Viper half smiles. "I don't think you're a coward. I think you're pretty amazing. I'm easily depressed as well. A song can change my mood...Hell...A picture can change my mood...I think you're fantastic and I'll be your Prince anytime, Griffin."
[0:32] Griffin Mornington: I want to show you how much you mean to me....
[0:33] Griffin Mornington: Its not done but...But I need to show you
[0:34] Skelly Viper: Alright...-tilts head to the side-
[0:34] Griffin Mornington: This might take away, so Ahh I'll read you one of my poems
[0:34] Griffin Mornington: awhile*
[0:35] Skelly Viper half smiles, "Okay. We can have a poetry reading night."
[0:35] Griffin Mornington: Heh
[0:35] Skelly Viper: Though I wouldn't call what I do poetry.

[0:46] Griffin Mornington: I dunno how you write all these emotional verses, I feel like I'm talking to master poet
[0:47] Skelly Viper blushes. I'm not a master poet. Just a simple child who writes what she feels.
[0:48] Griffin Mornington: But shit your writing is so wonderful I dunno how I can make that sound any better
[0:49] Skelly Viper blushes more. "Everyone knows that if there's true emotion in will be the most beautiful thing ever written.
[0:50] Griffin Mornington: Well theres a hell alot of that in there
[0:50] Skelly Viper: Then it will be perfect. -smiles-
[0:51] Griffin Mornington: It already is Skelly
[0:52] Skelly Viper: :D
[0:52] Griffin Mornington hugs you from behide "Grrrrr Your making me emotional now"
[0:52] Skelly Viper giggles. "I have that effect on people. Some people like it...some people don't..."

[1:50] Griffin Mornington rubs your shoulders " Everyone need somebody they can rely on and talk too....Let me be that person for you".
[1:51] Skelly Viper smiles. "Everyone needs someone to believe in them. If no one believes a faerie will die. Elves are faeries too...I believe in you."
[1:51] Griffin Mornington: o.O Im a fairy Boy
[1:52] Skelly Viper: A fairy princess. :D
[1:52] Griffin Mornington: Like petterpan flying in the sky weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
[1:52] Skelly Viper: Nope.
[1:52] Skelly Viper: I'm Peter Pan.
[1:52] Griffin Mornington: D:
[1:52] Skelly Viper: Serious! I wrote about it once...
[1:52] Skelly Viper: but I lost the file...I think...
[1:53] Griffin Mornington: Alright.... alright, you get the green tights if you really want them
[1:53] Skelly Viper: xD You can be my Tinkerbell. ;D
[1:54] Griffin Mornington: Mhmm except I'll be taller then you and with less glowing effects

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